Targeted Facilities

Energy is essential to almost every business.  Understanding the options that work for the facilities from which you operate is an important aspect of getting the best results. Prioritizing your needs and matching those to the right on-site energy solution is the core of OGP's services and solutions.

Energy assets are particularly challenging in that they require long-term solutions that must withstand the pressures of business conditions over long periods of time.  Energy reliability and cost savings not only improve your energy profile, they improve your cash flow and bottom line. Releasing the capital tied up in core energy assets can improve liquidity and reduce costs.
​Targeted Facilities
The following are examples of the many facilities that derive optimal benefits from our solutions: 
Distributed generation systems, such as CHP, are examples of capital investments that require careful planning and execution. OGP tailors the system selection and design to meet the energy needs of each client facility.

           Commercial Buildings

           Industrial Properties

           Distribution Centers

           Manufacturing Pants

           Warehouse Facilities

             Hospitality Facilities

             Healthcare Centers


             Universities & Schools

             Retail Centers

The services and solutions offered by O'Gara Goett Partners address the impact of your energy assets on your business. Certain facilities in which high demand, 24/7 energy consumers operate make ideal locations for distributed generation. Selecting the right energy solution is critical to extracting optimal performance. For Example, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) requires a balance between electric and thermal energy usage to be most effective. Renewable energy present options for sustainable, distributed on-site supply.  Selecting the right solution for a given facility is what we do.
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CHP is an ideal solution for hospitals with their need for both electric and thermal energy

Data Centers are high demand users of both electric and thermal energy


               Data Centers

               Call Centers

               Air Terminals

               Trading Floors 

​               Refrigerated Facilities

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