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CHP Article Published on FacilityCare.com
             NEWS RELEASE: Somers, NY, October 12, 2015 O’Gara Goett Partners (OGP) announced today the publication of an article on Combined Heat & Power (CHP) on www.FaciltyCare.com, a leading on line publisher in the healthcare sector. The article, first of a series of energy strategy articles, was published Sept 10th and is titled “How can the Healthcare Facility Manager Make the Business Case for Combined Heat and Power to the C-suite?”  The article was co-authored by Ken O’Gara of OGP and Tom Bourgeois, a colleague from the Pace Energy and Climate Center at the Pace Law School. The link to the article is http://www.facilitycare.com/budget-care/how-can-healthcare-fm-make-business-case-combined-heat-and-power-c-suite.    
The article focuses on the benefits of CHP for healthcare facilities which are typically high energy 24/7 demand users of both electric and thermal energy. The article’s content is also relevant to other energy intensive industries, including universities, hotels & resorts, manufacturers, water treatment plants, data centers and call centers. The second article will address how these energy projects can be “self-funded’.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              “We point out the numerous benefits of CHP. Hospitals can truly enjoy improved power reliability and resiliency while saving meaningful dollars” commented Ken O’Gara, co-author and OGP Principal. “We have seen examples of $1,000 to $3,000 per bed in savings. Improved reliability keeps sensitive healthcare devices, such as diagnostic machines, up and running. This delivers savings and improves patient care. This in the context of conservation measures that reduce carbon emissions” he concluded.

         More than 233 hospitals, including 10 of the top 12 ranked in the country, operate CHP systems. These facilities enjoy the ability to reallocate capital to purposes critical to their mission. Benefits include significant reduction of costs, improvement of up-time and ability to maintain patient care during outages of the electric grid from overloads and weather.
              OGP cited several examples of the tangible improvements in performance enjoyed by CHP powered hospitals:
                               > New York Presbyterian reports they have reduced electricity purchases by 80 percent.
                              > Lake Forest Hospital in Illinois reduced occurrences of grid outages/sags to 2 from 50, a 96%  reduction, and produced energy                                   savings $640,000 in the first year.
                               > South Oaks Hospital in New York received nationwide acclaim as a ‘shelter in place’ facility during super storm Sandy.
          “CHP financing options can reduce payback periods and improve return on investment. Numerous federal, state and local incentives programs seek out CHP healthcare applications. Many  projects can be self-funded allowing a hospital to retain its capital for patient care“ noted Dennis Goett, OGP Principal.
             About O’Gara Goett Partners: OGP is a services firm specializing in "Cleaner Energy" and "Energy Strategy"  The firm provides planning, development and financing of clients' projects. OGP provides solutions that improve asset performance while reducing costs & environmental impact and optimizing both financial reporting and net operating income. Located in Somers, New York, OGP is a partner in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Combined Heat & Power Partnership. O’Goett’s website is www.ogaragoett.com.
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