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Onsite power generation powered by renewable sources or CHP improves reliability and resiliency while reducing both costs and carbon emissions.

Going "Green" . . . . . . . Good for the environment, Good for the bottom line.

​Advances in Energy technology are driving sustainable options that save money and increase reliability.
Energy as a Service:  OGP  offers improved electric power and thermal energy produced on-site at no capital cost to the client. OGP develops, owns, operates and maintains on-site independent power production plants. We provide highly reliable, efficient operations producing “cleaner” energy while reducing power costs. Water and Waste-water treatment can be added to the mix for a Total Energy Service under an Energy Savings Agreement. 
Proven Technology 
​OGP's solutions are based on both proven and improving technologies delivering both efficiency and reliability at lower costs
  • Distributed Energy  On site production is an economical and reliable solution. Saving money while improving reliability and reducing carbon emissions is a sound strategy.
  • Combined Heat & Power  (CHP or Cogeneration) up to 70% of power is lost in transmission and distribution. CHP is the answer.
  • Solar Energy  solutions are more economical than ever. Renewable solar can provide significant benefits while reducing costs.
  • Wind Solutions are renewable alternative that, in the right location, can reduce carbon footprint and improve an energy profile.
  • System Upgrade is a logical path to improve efficiency and reliability. Reducing carbon footprint through replacement of older              equipment is an integral step to better performance.
​Advances in equipment, availability of economic source fuels such as natural gas and renewable sources enable reduction of carbon emissions. 
OGP provides advisory services are based on an assessment of strategic energy assets in a client's energy portfolio. Our mission is to provide insight into "Best in Class" measures that will benefit a client's specific situation.

A preliminary review of a client's energy profile is the basis for recommended Energy Conservation Measures. These ECMs cover a broad range of energy consumption: power supply, heating & cooling, lighting, water supply, waste-water treatment and facility efficiency including windows, doors, insulation and other materials.  The ECM service includes annual updates to the plan and an assessment of measures already completed.

Distributed power generation delivers energy that is not only sustainable, secure and economical but provides the highest resiliency and reliability during weather and other event related outages. This is why both Federal and state agencies including the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Energy and New York State Energy & Research Development Authority promote development of distributed production, including solar, wind and CHP through incentives and initiatives. OGP is a partner in the EPA's Combined Heat and Power Partnership.