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 Foundations: The basis of all our Intelligent Solutions is the consideration of the broader client financial and operational requirements. We address elements such as incentives, credit, funding options and financial impact to deliver a tailored, intelligent solution for each client.
Funding Options
  • Secured Loans 
  • Leasing
  • Sale-Leasebacks
  • REITs    
  • Equity Funding
Credit Considerations
  • Credit-worthy borrower

  • High quality, core asset
  • Existing Covenant
  • Compliance
An "Intelligent Solution" is one that drives performance, whatever your energy needs may be. OGP develops options which provide the requisite power in a framework that delivers additional benefits tailored to the client's needs. Our energy focus is to optimize efficient, reliable and resilient supply.  Financially, we address the impact of a transaction on the balance sheet, cash flow, profitability and capital retention. We collaborate with our client with regard to their needs and preferences while structuring an energy solution.
      ​​​Financial Benefits
  • Capital Retention: solutions are tailored to reserve capital for your business operations.
  • Return on Investment: debt and incentives reduce client capital for energy projects, improving ROI.
  • Return on Assets: the efficiency of CHP systems reduces the cost and therefore delivers a higher ROA.
  • Performance Metrics:  Reduced energy expenses contribute to improved overall performance.
  • Energy Savings: with more efficient power and other conservation measures, pay less for your energy and use less energy, an opportunity to deliver exceptional superior performance .


Incentives Benefits
  • Incentives (Federal, State & Local)
  • Manufacturer Rebates
  • Tax Credits     
  • PACE Financing
  • Economic Development programs 
      ​​Operational Benefits
  • Reliability: on-site generation is more reliable and performs better than the aging grid, especially in the    face of adverse weather  events.
  • Resiliency: an on-site system is easier and quicker to repair and restart in the event of unforeseen outages.
  • Security: placement of energy generation on-site provides greater security for your energy supply.
  • Sustainability: the reduction of carbon emissions provides the opportunity to save money while         enhancing your reputation as a good citizen, protecting the environment.​​

Financial Considerations
  • Balance sheet impact
  • Earnings implications
  • Cash Flow
  • Key performance metrics
  • Covenant & Compliance

Intelligent Solutions