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       OGP provides solutions for:
  • Total Energy Solutions: power, heating, cooling, lighting and water treatment.
  • Distributed Energyfor on-site production of power.
                      >  Combined Heat & Power:CHP is the US Department of Energy's most frequently cited                             energy solutions for high energy users.
                      >  Renewable Energy:clean energy solutions such as solar, wind and geo-thermal.
                      >  Energy as a Service (EaaS): Guaranteed Performance and Energy Savings that                                         preserves your capital. As a contingent, variable service, EaaS is not reflected on the                             balance sheet.


OGP Energy Focus

     Total Energy

     Distributed Energy

     Combined Heat & Power

     Renewable Energy

     Energy as a Service

     Delivering Energy that is:

  • Reliable
  • Resilient
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable


   Advisory Services 
​​​​​   OGP addresses credit-worthy clients' needs for our Experience, Objectivity and Independence.                                                                                    Clients engage OGP to benefit from our Intelligent Solutions which:
  •   Employ designs, equipment and systems selected to meet each clients' specific needs.
  •   Engage quality providers, as needed, for all project implementations.
  •   Manage all aspects of energy projects in a highly collaborative manner.
  •   Structure funding and incentives options that address broad client objectives.


   Our advisory services provide expert advice to resolve issues expeditiously without distracting client management from their day to day              company operations. 

OGP is a partner in the EPA's Combined Heat & Power Partnership. Our Energy Conservation Measures cover a broad range of energy consumption. Incentives play a major role in development of energy systems that are both good for the environment and good for the bottom line.
​​O'Gara Goett Partners is a services firm specializing in "Energy Strategy" and "Cleaner Energy Solutions" that deliver Reliability, Resiliency and Savings while reducing carbon emissions. Our mission on distributed generation and renewable energy is based on the significant support for new power generation capacity using distributed generation such as CHP, solar, wind, geo-thermal and other technologies. OGP provides energy solutions that improve performance while reducing costs and optimizing net operating income. We believe that this is a practical and manageable approach to cleaning the environment and a solution to an aging national grid.